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The board of the Help a Star Foundation

In accordance with the statutes, the number of board members is set at a minimum of 3 persons, i.e. the chairman, secretary and treasurer.

The current board currently consists of 5 board members in the Netherlands, in due course 3 more board members living in the United States will join the board.

The management duties are divided as follows:

  • Xiomara Sushmita Getrouw (NL): Co-founder and chairman

  • Rob van Maanen (NL): Secretary

  • Peter Troon (NL): Treasurer & responsible for information technology

  • Edwin Vermetten (NL): Responsible for the organizational connection for athletic and creative sectors

  • David Getrouw (Official name Jacques) (NL): Responsible for technical training and methods

  • Upcoming Board Member Tariq Getrouw (USA): Co-Founder & Vice-Chairman

  • Upcoming board member Dakota Getrouw (USA): Responsible for project implementation

  • Upcoming Board Member Robert Bernstein (USA): Responsible for Media & Public Affairs


For more background information about the board members see the "About us" page on the Help a Star website:



The board members have unequivocally opted for a non-profit foundation. This is mentioned and emphasized here to make this clear, also to possible sponsors and others who support the objective of the foundation.

Remuneration and remuneration of board members

All directors work on a voluntary basis, they also receive no compensation or reward for their efforts and activities. The foundation itself does not employ any paid employees.

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