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Partners of Help A Star Foundation

The Help A Star Foundation is an International Organization that aims to make the world a better place. This is not possible without our sponsors and other organizations. We are open to work with organizations who have goals similar to ours.

We have a sponsor program and possibilities to have your company listed on this page as a partner or a sponsor. Interested? Please contact us via e-mail to learn about the options.

Fernandes Autohandel Logo Transparant

Fernandes Autohandel N.V.

Fernandes Autohandel N.V. is company that trades in cars and also sells them. Fernandes Autohandel N.V. is part of the Fernandes Group, which is quite known in Suriname and the Netherlands for their soft drinks. The Fernandes Group owns several companies in Suriname.

Bronze Friend of Help a Star

Fernandes Autohandel N.V. contributed to our Suriname 2022 project which made it possible to give hard hearing (deaf) and visually impaired (blind) children swimming lessons to avoid drownings. Because of this contribution Fernandes Autohandel is a Bronze Friend of the Help a Star Foundation.

Koyo Logo


Koyo is a veteran run company producing high quality merchandise for the gaming industry. Having met Edwin Vermetten in Australia whilst sponsoring part of the Invictus games, Lee and Edwin became firm friends. In awe of Edwin and all he has achieved Lee was very keen to support him in this project/event. Koyo contributed to the Help a Star Suriname 2022 project by designing and making the special occasion decoration gift coins for all the participants. We are very grateful for this wonderful contribution, which will keep the memory of this project alive.

SRO Logo


SRO is owned by the municipalities of the Dutch cities of Amersfoort and Haarlem in the Netherlands. SRO is an organization that works together with many municipalities on optimally maintained and socially profitable real estate. The range of tasks has remained broadly unchanged all these years and consists of the main tasks: Management and maintenance of social real estate, operation of sports facilities and sports stimulation. SRO contributed to the Help a Star Suriname 2022 project by donating life vests for the participants. These are very useful to the children and this contribution is highly appreciated.

Parochie De Vier Evangelisten Amsterdam Nieuw-West
The Future Group.png

Parochie De Vier Evangelisten Amsterdam and IPCI

The parish of De Vier Evangelisten Amsterdam (The Four Evangelists) and Interparochiële Caritas Instelling Amsterdam (IPCI) both donated to the Help a Star Foundation. Helping out children and others who are in need is something that both organizations of The Four Evangelist Amsterdam and IPCI Amsterdam support. It is an extension of the well known "Love thy neighbor" and obviously contributing to a better world. The Help a Star Foundation shares these same values. The generous contribution of both organizations is highly appreciated and really helped the Help a Star Foundation with its mission.

The Future Group

The Future Group is a partnership between self employed computer professionals. These are experienced professionals who have a lot of expertise within their working area. In 2018 The Future Group has sponsored Swim For Life through its own charity organization called The Future Group Foundation, also known as TFG Foundation. This foundation has made it possible for Swim For Life to perform some of the projects in Lesotho.

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