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Many of the children have limited experience or no experience with swimming pools. Therefore, it is our purpose to protect them and to teach them how to be safe should they fall into water.

Every village has over a hundred kids, which means that equipment is essential for the safety of the children during the swimming lessons. Here is a visual list of the type of material (used or new) we would like our sponsors to donate. 



To do great work, we need tools. Tools can vary from schooling materials to sporting gear and clothing. 



When we went to Lesotho, we found an overwhelming need for the items listed below. Our Need section specifies the minimum requirements for a successful trip.


  • Swim suits for kids and teenagers

  • ​Towels

  • T-shirts

  • Swim Gear (swimming belts, kickboards, goggles etc.)

  • Snacks for each day of swim lessons

Wish List:

  • Providing Meals

  • Computer Lab (10+ computers)

  • 15+ person van

  • Our own facility, with pool


The items on our ‘Wish List’ are the things that would deeply enrich the children’s experiences. In Lesotho, most of the kids did not even own swim suits or towels. The items on our Wish List start at the highest priority, and go to what would be extremely helpful.



“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

                       -- Nelson Mandela
Many children of Lesotho cannot get access to good education, especially if they are living on the street.
Our heart goes out to them. As international students ourselves, we saw a need, and we have a way to help.


While in Lesotho, we gave motivational and educational talks to all the children about the rewards and challenges of coming from another country and thriving in a foreign school.
It was so fun telling them about culture shock. Their eyes widened when we talked about our class with a deaf professor, and about how calling 911 works in America (not exactly like the movies!).
We also explained the process of going to school in a foreign country. They had no idea that beyond saying ‘I want to go to school in America,’ there were more choices to make! We clarified that there are different states in the U.S., and that there are multiple colleges to consider in each state.

But the biggest message we wanted to convey: “Your dreams are possible, and the opportunities are out there”. Hopefully, the message stuck, and we can return next time to make sure it does. 


In the Future:

We want to make academic opportunities for the children of Lesotho more accessible. This means making an easier path for the young adults to get to college. Having attended two American universities ourselves, we are definitely aware of the process.
Our goal is to start a college-search program where we help the teenagers through the college selection process, through getting scholarships, and through Visa paperwork. A simple guiding hand can make literally a world of difference.

For the younger kids, other than swimming lessons, we can teach them simple things about computers. Eventually we want to have a computer lab, so they can learn how computers work, and how to research things. Skills like these will be a big help in their adult lives, especially if they head to another country for school.
If we can uplift the younger generation into higher education, then when they come back to Lesotho, there is no telling to how they can give back to the community. Encouraging this process of learning is one of our biggest goals at Swim For Life Lesotho. With enough support, dedication, and passion, we can make this happen.



A good meal is important for the development of a child. We provide meals for the kids and help them making healthy choices.

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